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We craft 
clean meat.
Re-Imagining Meat.
Meat without Animals
The vision driving Appleton Meats is to re-imagine the production of meat. We anticipate a future where no animals have to be harvested for animal protein.
We achieve our aims by harnessing the power of science and our collective imagination and explore meat at its most basic and elemental form: the cellular level. Harnessing the power of cellular biology, we attempt to drive the production of meat in an external environment. Great tasting, sustainable, and free of animal harvesting, this is the future of meat production.
Global Demand for Animal Based Protein.
Traditional meat consumption is one of the biggest causes of global greenhouse gas emissions. By 2050, the global population is set to increase from 7 billion to 9 billion individuals. 
In addition, the world demand for animal derived protein is set to double. These factors create great strain on the environment and is a source of concern from both the standpoint of food security and animal welfare. 
Traditional methods of dealing with meat demands is to house them in concentrated animal feeding operations. These systems place great duress on the animals and require frequent antibiotic use to minimize disease transmission.
These demands call for a new method of meat production.
Appleton meats uses cutting-edge scientific technology to engineer the perfect beef patty.
"Nothing Say Delicious Like an Appleton Beef Burger"
The burger is an a classic meal served in many parts of the world. Here at Appleton Meats, we are developing the clean beef burger.

Central to the taste of a hamburger patty are three elements: juiciness, texture and tenderness. A great tasting patty has the ability to combine all three elements for mouth watering taste.

At Appleton Meats we craft meat. A deep understanding of ideal molecular proportions allow for the culture of gastronomically palatable meats
While this is a pioneering method,it allows for the most consistent meat yield. Fat, tissue and meat quality can be carefully monitored to generate a high quality of protein. 
Appleton Meats are grown in breweries. Meat breweries allow meat to be develop in a highly controlled environment. This high regulation of temperature and nutrients allow for optimal meat yields.


​​Get ready for a great bite! 

Our Team
Driven by passion, we are an interdisciplinary group of scientists, designers, biologists and technologists.

Appleton Meats is a Vancouver based, Canadian biotechnology company at the forefront of clean meat technology, namely developing and scaling ground beef.

New technologies require unique insight and cognition. Our method of innovative disruption encourages  divergent thinking, rigorous analysis and discovery. We are always questioning and experimenting to maintain a dynamic and pioneering environment.


To achieve originality, our team is comprised of a wide range of backgrounds and possesses a unique blend of education, skills and interests. 



At the heart of it, our people drive this company. We encourage a cohesive environment where diversity is celebrated, enthusiasm is greeted and initiative is rewarded. These are the philosophies which guide our organization.


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